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New Arrivals Wah Gwan FOREIGNA Fall/Winter 2020 Collection

Our New Fall/Winter 2020 collection is OUT NOW!! These fashionable t-shirts comes in 5 different colors: Ganja Green, Coffee Brown, Sorrel Red, Sunshine White and Coal Black. Embodied with the Jamaican 🇯🇲 signature greeting “ Wah Gwan FOREIGNA “ which means “ What’s going on or How are you?” with our brand name FOREIGNA just added in the front. Jamaica is known for its uplifting music, food and spoken words. 

In this current world we are living in, don’t forget to ask someone “Wah Gwan” today, this may bring a spirit of hope to our Planet Earth. These 5 T-shirts brings a vibe of Calmness and Inspiration for hope on your journey into the unseen future.

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